Simone Pormes

CD This heart of mine

Following on from the completion of Storybook, came the inspiration to record a 2nd album. The album This heart of mine contains thirteen tracks of which one cover; the wonderful O que tinha de ser from the famous Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. The other twelve songs were composed within three months’ time. To accomplish that Simone worked together with Karel Boehlee, Martijn van Iterson, Arnold van Dongen, Lo van Gorp and Dimitri Dimadis. Shortly after the writing process the project was recorded in the studio. Virtually all instruments were played at the same time which resulted in an honest and intimate sound. The result was again another high quality production, in which different styles were brought together into a beautiful musical portrait. Like Storybook, the second album This heart of mine, was released under the Storybook Music Label.


Very recently available is the live DVD Storybook. A collection of compositions of both projects plus some interesting new compositions. The DVD was produced by Workstation and was directed by John Twigt.

Bossa nova

Inspired by the work of the great Brazilian masters Simone is currently writing bossa nova and samba compositions for her upcoming album, once again in collaboration with Karel Boehlee. Simone is also currently collaborating with Ferdinand van Duuren, for his Brasil Project, writing lyrics in Portuguese that are sung by herself in this particular project .

Live bookings

Simone Pormes & her band Luz da manha can also be booked for corporate events or private party’s. Their compositions and music style offer excellent background music during dinner or as a short pre dinner / banquet concert. In addition to her own compositions Simone can provide a diverse repertoire of well known songs and styles in pop, jazz, soul, Italian and Christmas songs of all time around the christmas season. Along with her band she ensures a sultry swing evening with well-known Bossa nova & Samba styles. It is possible to book a combination of the aforementioned styles. If you’re interested in booking a concert you can choose from a number of themes:

  • Pop classics
  • Jazz-classics
  • Bossa nova & samba
  • Chansons, fado & Italian (together with Singer/saxophonist Lo van Gorp)
  • A Mix of different themes
  • Simone’s original work

Simone Pormes & band can be booked in the following combinations: Duo (vocals/piano), Duo (vocals/guitar), Trio (vocals/piano/bass), Quartet (vocals/piano/bass/percussion). The Quartet is also available with guitar, drums and/or vocalist Lo van Gorp, who besides being a singer also is a great saxophonist. In terms of musical styles and line-ups you can chose from lots of options. We offer you the possibility to put your personal musical preference together in the appropriate program for you. Go to the booking form to fill in your personal preferences and request a quote. It’s also possible to book more than one of our bands/artists for your private or business event.

Recommended is our piano/vocal duo, perfect as background music for your event. Watch these brandnew video’s in several music styles:



Bossa Nova


Simone Pormes Producer/composer

As a composer Simone works together with Karel Boehlee. The styles in which they write are mostly jazz, pop and soul related. All Music released by Storybook Music is self produced. They have also written (together and individually) music for films and commercials. Besides Simone’s collaboration with Karel she currently works as text writer for the Brasil Project of Ferdinand van Duuren and in the near future she will produce and write in different styles within pop and dance music.

Simone Pormes studio vocalist

One of Simone’s great passions is her work as a singer in the studio. The construction of a choir in which sound, timing and dynamics are very important, remains a challenge for Simone which triggers her to go for the best she’s got.

Simone Pormes background vocalist

In her career as a background singer Simone worked with Trijntje Oosterhuis, Marco Borsato, Berget Lewis, Edsilia Rombley and the Metropole Orchestra. In 2012 the CD Al Jarreau and the Metropole Orchestra-Live, on which Simone sings together with Lo van Gorp and Lesley van der Aa, was released by the famous Concord Music and is nominated for two Grammy awards. Are you interested in a cooperation with Simone as a composer, producer or singer, please contact us for more information.

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