The Princess Project

The Princess Project is a diverse project founded in the early 1990s with the aim to compose honest music with influences from various musical currents. Pop, Jazz and classical music merged to form a sometimes fairytale-like composition. All songs were composed, arranged and produced by Karel Boehlee (pianist/composer) and Simone Pormes (singer/composer). In the beginning it was Simone who wrote lyrics to the instrumental jazzsongs written by Karel, but soon they discovered that composing songs together brought this special combination influenced by their various musical background. The princess project consists twenty songs, whereby nine have been recorded on the first CD named Storybook. The album Storybook is thoughtfully produced, reflecting love and passion for real music with true purity etched into its lyrics.

Lo van Gorp

Within the project there is a special role for singer / saxophonist Lo van Gorp. The songs that he sings are especially written for him and reflect his own personal story, among others. The Storybook album is a high quality production, offering an eclectic mix of pop, jazz and world music, which will satisfy the soul and sooth the airwaves. The musical skills and dedication of A.o. Hein van de Geyn, Hans van Oosterhout and Peter Tiehuis made the princess project one of a kind.

Toots Thielemans

Another very special colaboration within the project is that with jazz legend Toots Thielemans. Toots is heard on the songs Little Princess, composed by Karel and I miss you, an intimate popsong written by Simone when she was nineteen years old.

“There is a warm mood to this recording. Simone Pormes is a very attaching singer-composer and I’m happy to get a wider view of Karel Boehlee’s musicianship. I love his pianoplaying, but here he is co-composer and arranger! Bravo and Good Luck”
Toots Thielemans (January 2008)

Line up musicians Storybook CD

Peter Tiehuis – guitar, Arnold van Dongen – guitar, Hans van Oosterhout – drums, Oscar Kraal – drums, Usiël Pormes – bass/moog, Hein van de Geyn – double bass, Antoon Tolsma – percussion, Martin Verdonk – percussion, Het Gustav Klimt kwartet – strings, Pieter de Mast – flute, Martin de Ruiter – oboe, Lo van Gorp – soprano sax.

Storybook – DVD

Recently the DVD-album Storybook appeared, a collection of songs from the CD Storybook and Simone’s debute-album This heart of mine. In addition to that the DVD includes some new composed work by Karel and Simone. De DVD was produced by Workstation and directed by John Twigt.

Line up musicians Storybook – DVD

Karel Boehlee – piano, Lo van Gorp – vocals/sax, Simone Pormes – vocals, Peter Tiehuis – guitar, Theo de Jong – bass, Philippe Lemm – drums, Dedre Twiss – backingvocals, Diana Rosendal-van Putten – backingvocals, Strings: Sarah Koch, Jascha Albracht, Norman Jansen, Marulka Gijsen.



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