Vocal and body awareness

When through proper breathing one can experience the body as the instrument of the voice and  heart, the ‘real singing’ can begin. This might sound a bit spiritual but it’s true that when physical awareness goes hand in hand with the way you feel that you will come to greater vocal understanding. It often opens long shut doors and brings you more overall peace, both physically and mentally.

An unexperienced singer will notice that when wanting to reach high notes, the body tension increases and you will try to press the notes out of the throat. By applying the right technique the obstructions can be undone and you can give sound to the emotion in your voice.

Complete breathing and posture

The course and workshop provide a way to achieve complete breathing and good body posture. Except the importance to get the most out of your singing voice, it’s very useful to reduce the tension we’re coping with in nowadays society.Besides the course and workshops we give regular singing lessons in which we delve less deep into the elements of vocal and body awareness, but teaches you aspects like: timing, sound, techniques, pronunciation etc.

14 years and up

Vocal lessons are suitable for all ages. The course and workshop are suitable for people from around 14 years of age and up. For the lessons, as well as the course and workshop, every music style is possible except classical music.


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