Workshop singing, piano & composition

For this workshop we invite people who want to improve their vocal and compositional qualities.  It’s possible to accompany yourself on the piano.

Vocals and piano

The goal is to achieve a greater understanding of being a musician/composer and using your talent in a complete way. Simone can teach you a lot in terms of vocals and Karel teaches you how to achieve the best results with your piano playing on your own level. Together they can teach you the important aspects of composing such as the build up of a music piece: from a rough idea into a complete composition.

Beginners and advanced

Our way of teaching is entirely focused on your level and music direction. So it is suitable for beginners as well as for the more experienced singer, pianist and/or composer.

Before the break we delve deeper into technique and interpretation. After the break, the workshop focuses on composing. For this part it’s possible to sign up as an active participant. For example you can bring along an own composition which is hard for you to finish, we’ll give you input about how to make it work.

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